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TrackDayMag.com product review of AGV Sport Imola Leather Road Race Suit


So once again we’ve bounced an AGV Sport suit and walked away. It’s worth mentioning that of the four crashes we’ve incurred while testing this brand, only one involved injury. In that occurrence, the rider landed on his knee hard enough to split his skin wide open, yet did absolutely no damage to the bones or ligaments. That was the worst incident but none of the other getoffs were easy falls. Suffice to say that we’ve really come to trust this company’s products. The Imola is safe, stylish and lists for a penny less than eight hundred bucks. Smart surfers can easily find it for about $80 less than that. We ran the Imola hard for a year, crashed it and then ran it some more. As far as we’re concerned, this suit has proven itself beyond question.