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“I was wrong about misogyny: there’s lots of it in our culture” August 13, 2015 Janet Bloomfield

So here is a tweet I was tagged in this morning, and in light of the Roosh post and feminist anger towards men whose preferred relationship to women is physical and not emotional, I thought I’d discuss this subject in a bit more depth.

Janet Bloomfield

Janet Bloomfield JUDGYBITCH
The radical notion that women are adults

Is refusing to accept, or even pretend to like, modern women, who all have a loaded gun, whether they like it or not, misogyny? Does it mean we hate women? Does anyone really hate women? You’ll love the answer to that one….

Let’s start with the PUA/game/MGTOW community. PUA/game practitioners, as far as I understand them, know that modern women have a particular psychology, aided and abetted by modern feminism, that makes them difficult to deal with: they say they want one thing, but secretly want another. On paper, young women want grovelling supplicants who will scrub out their panties by hand and empty the kitty litter box without being asked, but when they date these men, they hate them. What they really want is what I call ‘a commanding presence’. They want a man who is confident, assertive and who will exert authority. Some women want that to the extreme: basically, they want an asshole. Other women want a Captain, with whom they can serve as a valued and respected First Officer. Bad Boy and Captain are two sides of the same coin – the Captain appeals to mature women who know their own desires but are not interested in abuse, and Bad Boys appeal to immature women who crave drama and theatrics, and playing the victim. The PUA/game community teaches young men how to deal with the immature ladies without getting burned.

Fair enough.

They get accused of misogyny for stating things like “women respond to authority”, even though that’s absolutely true. In general, most people respond positively to confident authority, because it leads to a feeling of safety and security. Men like Roosh understand this tendency in women, and teach other men how to exploit that positive response while still protecting themselves.

MGTOWs understand that dynamic, too, they just reject it. Even on this blog, I come in for a lot of hate because I’m a parasite (same word Gloria Steinem used to describe housewives) who contributes nothing to my husband and family and community because I don’t sell my skillset to the highest market bidder and instead offer them in exchange for support to the man I love. I generally take most of the MGTOW hate as misdirected anger at a legal systemthat permits women to brutally exploit men through child custody, divorce and family law, and not genuinely at me, personally. The fact is that I could destroy my husband on a whim, and simply choose not to. This is every bit as egregious as having a law stating that it’s okay for me to own slaves, I just choose not to.  Laws permitting slavery are de facto wrong, whether I choose to take advantage or not – I get that, so I forgive most of the MGTOW anger that comes my way. Not all of it, mind you. People who come into my house and get grumpy and spill their drinks get a pass. People who come into my house and shit abuse all over do not. I have a ban hammer, and I do use it.

Neither group, the PUA/game group nor the MGTOW group hate women. On the whole, they hate laws that permit women to take unfair advantage of men and children. AVfM has recently changed its banner line to: changing the cultural narrative, because changing the cultural narrative is what leads to a change in the law. Case in point: gay marriage. The Supreme Court reversed an earlier decision about gay marriage, and declared prohibitions against same sex marriage to be a violation of gay citizen’s constitutionally guaranteed rights. Whether you agree with that decision or not, the point stands that the constitution did not change, the cultural narrative did, and that led to a change in the laws. The way we fix family and custody laws is to change the cultural narrative, and that is the central activism this blog, and many others, are engaged in. Win the hearts and minds, and the law follows.

Certainly you can cherry pick PUA/game MGTOW writers and find horrible things written, likely in piques of anger born of great pain and loss, and isn’t it neat that when feminists write horrible things in fits of anger it’s not all feminists are like that, but when an MRA says something even a little off putting it’s this is the face of men’s rights activists everywhere for all time. Hypocrisy, thy name is feminism. It’s all getting a little boring, quite frankly. And none of it will stop us from continuing our work to change the cultural narrative. PUAs do not hate women. Men who practice game do not hate women. Men who reject a life centered on women and women’s needs do not hate women. Women who reject feminism do not hate women. All the screaming and beer-throwing and censoring in the world isn’t going to magically change facts into a narrative that suits the feminist SJW crowd. I actually had afact-checker from Marie Claire contact me to confirm a statement, presumably taken from the draft article, which was in fact incorrect, so my optimism that the Marie Claire article won’t be a pack of hateful lies has gone from 0.0001% to 0.006%; coincidentally, the same number as a woman’s chance of being raped in any given year.

Critics will immediately (okay, it will probably take them some time to figure out a rebuttal more sophisticated than “die you stupid cunt”) counter that if hating laws that unfairly bestow women with privileges doesn’t mean PUAs/MGTOW/MRAs hate women, then hating laws that unfairly bestow men with privileges doesn’t mean feminists hate men, and I will agree heartily with that assertion. I will also wait right here for critics to show me the law that unfairly privileges men. Show me the legal rights that men have and women don’t. Feel free to use this handy guide to legal rights women have and men don’t. Let’s assume average intelligence among critics (come on, be generous!), and anticipate the next assertion that patriarchal society affords privileges to men that women can’t access, even though those privileges are not enshrined in law. Once again, I’ll wait for the evidence that we live in a patriarchy that discriminates against women, and not men. Feel free to use this handy guide to the powerful, institutional patriarchal forces that discriminate against men and protect women. Some patriarchy! Women are privileged over men and held less accountable by potent, government backed forces elected by predominantly female voters, but somehow women are a victimized minority, and men are abusive oppressors.

To use my favorite Aussie aphorism, ‘yeah, no’.

So if PUAs and MGTOWs and #WomenAgainstFeminism and MRAs do not hate women, and we still see evidence of misogyny, where is that misogyny coming from? Oh hello, King Milo!

Janet Bloomfield   http://judgybitch.com/2015/08/13/i-was-wrong-about-misogyny-theres-lots-of-it-in-our-culture/

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“13 Women Who Lied About Being Raped And Why They Did It” ~ Janet Bloomfield

1. Women lie about rape to cover up their infidelity

One night, Nicola Osborne got a bit drunk and ended up in bed with a man and they enjoyed “extensive sexual activity.” The episode was entirely consensual and the two swapped phone numbers after they were through. On the way home, it occurred to Osborne that her husband might not think very highly of her “activities” and she became flustered and visibly upset. When passers-by came to her aid, she told them that she had been forcibly abducted and raped by a stranger, sparking a massive police response to find the rapist. A subsequent DNA test ledhttp://thoughtcatalog.com/janet-bloomfield/2014/12/13-women-who-lied-about-being-raped-and-why-they-did-it/ police to the man whom she had slept with and he was arrested and held for 12 hours. Once the truth came out that the encounter has been consensual, Osborne was charged with filing a false report and sentenced to 18 months in prison. Women lie about rape to cover up their infidelity.

2. Women lie about rape to explain why they are looking at porn

When Elizabeth Coast’s mother discovered her looking at porn on the internet, Coast explained that her actions were the result of sexual abuse she had experienced at the hand of a neighbor. Coast testified that when her neighbor was 14, and she was 10, he had sexually molested her. Her testimony was compelling enough to secure the man’s conviction. He was sentenced to seven years and served four of those until Coast’s guilty conscience became too much to bear and she admitted that she had lied about an innocent man. Coast was sentenced to two months in prison for her lie and must pay the man $90,000 restitution. Women lie about rape to explain why they are looking at porn.

rape culture, anti-feminit

rape culture, anti-feminist

3. Women lie about rape because they are mentally ill

Rosanne England scratched her face, tore her clothing and concocted a story about a man asking to use her telephone and then violently raping her. She gave police a detailed description that happened to match a 59-year-old father of two teenaged daughters who had no alibi as he had been walking his dog in the woods when the rape allegedly occurred. The man was arrested and held for 28 hours until DNA tests finally cleared him. He continues to face suspicion from his neighbors about his guilt. England gave no justification for the accusation other than she suffers from “mental illness.” Women lie about rape because they are mentally ill.

4. Women lie about rape because they feel guilty

Kelly Harwood had a few drinks and decided that sleeping with her friend’s son was a good idea. Upon reflection, she decided that she had betrayed her friend by doing so and reported her friend’s son for rape. She told police that she had been raped while sleeping, and her friend’s son was subjected to an “intrusive medical examination and interviewed under caution.” Two days later, Harwood relented and admitted that she had lied about the rape. She suffers from depressive illness, exacerbated by the amount of alcohol she had consumed. Women lie about rape because they feel guilty.

5. Women lie about rape if the sex is bad

Lynette Lee arranged to meet a man whom she had contacted through a dating site. They went on a date, which ended with consensual sex in a motel room. Lee then reported the man for forcible rape. He was interviewed by police, who then re-interviewed Lee, who confessed to lying about the rape because “she did not enjoy the sex” and “it was bad.” Women lie about rape if the sex is bad.

Janet Bloomfield False Rape  Accuastions

Janet Bloomfield
Rape by regret
Rape Culture

6. Women lie about rape when they fail school exams

Rhiannon Brooker knew her party lifestyle was catching up with her when the law student failed her bar exams. She told her exam committee that her performance was affected by “extenuating circumstances” and had her boyfriend charged with multiple counts of rape and assault, including punching her so hard in the stomach that she miscarried. She faked her own injuries to support the charges. The accused spent 36 days in jail before police confirmed that he was at work and had alibis for each of the alleged rapes. Brooker was sentenced to three and a half years for false allegations. Women lie about rape when they fail school exams.

7. Women lie about rape because of psychiatric medication complications

Katherine Bennett had consensual sex with a national guardsman but then reported to police that he had abducted her from a parking lot, taken her to his house and drugged her and raped her at knifepoint before she was able to escape. The police were able to establish that the story had been fabricated but not before the guardsman lost his job and had his reputation seriously damaged. Bennett’s attorney said that Bennett suffers from depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder and “although her condition and complications from medication were not an excuse for the false report, they were contributing factors.” Women lie about rape because of psychiatric medication complications.

Janet Bloomfield

Janet Bloomfield

8. Women lie about rape when they want attention

Gemma Gregory, desperate for attention from police officers, filed eight false rape charges, accusing seven different men over a period of six years. Former boyfriends were subjected to DNA tests and interviews and huge amounts of police time were wasted so that Gregory could have the attention she craved. After recording hundreds of calls with Gregory, the police arrested and charged her with false allegation offenses. Women lie about rape when they want attention.

9. Women lie about rape to get sympathy

Linsey Attridge was having some relationship problems with her boyfriend and needed to win some sympathy from him. She trolled Facebook and found a picture of a 26-year-old man and his 14-year-old brother whom she had never met and reported them both for a violent rape. To make her story more credible, she punched herself in the face, ripped her clothing and told police that the two men had broken into her house while her boyfriend was away and subjected her to a brutal attack. Both were arrested and had their lives turned upside down as word of the charges spread throughout the community. Attridge eventually admitted to making the whole thing up and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. She has never apologized. Her boyfriend dumped her. Women lie about rape to get sympathy.

10. Women lie about rape to make boyfriends jealous

Hannah Bryon was mad at her boyfriend for breaking up with her. Wanting some attention from him and to make him jealous, she told him that a man whom she had been flirting with attacked her on a bridge, raped her and then threw money at her to get a taxi. The man whom she identified as her rapist was arrested and put through a stressful examination and questioning but was able to provide police with evidence that he had not attacked Bryon. Bryon was given a suspended sentence and 150 hours of community service. Women lie about rape to make boyfriends jealous.

rape culture

11. Women lie about rape for revenge

When Cori Lynn Osiecki’s boyfriend broke up with her and started “spreading rumors,” she decided to exact revenge on him by filing a rape charge. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where a rape kit was collected and an investigation was started. Eventually Osiecki admitted that she had lied about the assault because she “wanted to get back at him.” Women lie about rape for revenge.

12. Women lie about rape because they are “moody”

Isabella Himmel was at a bar and her friend wasn’t paying attention to her, which left her feeling “moody,” so she told another friend that she had been gang-raped by a group of male students at the University of Connecticut. That friend believed her story and reported it to police, triggering an action alert to more than 30,000 students and a considerable amount of distress on campus. Surveillance video, however, showed no attack. Himmel then agreed that she might not have been grabbed by the hair and gang-raped by five men, but she might have been kicked or she might have just fallen. Himmel must complete a program that could lead to the dismissal of the false rape report charges against her. Women lie about rape because they are “moody.”

13. Women lie about rape when their friends get mad at them

Biurny Peguero was extremely drunk, out at a bar with friends, and impetuously accepted a ride in a van with three men. When she realized where she was, she became frightened and hysterical. The men took her back to the bar, and that’s when the trouble started. The friends she had left behind were angry with her and a brawl broke out among the women, who punched and bit one another. When a friend demanded to know if the men had raped Peguero, she said that they had. The bruises she had sustained in the fight with her friends were accepted as evidence of rape, and one man spent four years in jail on the charge. Women lie about rape when their friends get mad at them.

Shockingly, this is not even a complete list of the reasons women lie about rape, but if anything is clear, it is that women do lie