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“Feminist immigration clause promotes Marriage Fraud by Foreign Con Artists Scam Innocent Americans & the US Government”
VAWA is an over 20 year old federal law birthed by feminist that is supposed to help thousands of American victims of domestic and sexual violence each year but in reality is a huge cash cow for a whole host of leftist feminist organizations. VAWA was first signed into law by serial womanizer Bill Clinton and then supported by lapdog Republican George Bush. But the public is unaware that the leftist feminist organisations behind this law are among the strongest proponents of open borders and virtually unchecked immigration no matter what the means. The authors of  VAWA created a loophole that lets foreign spouses skip to the front of the line to gain citizenship if they simply allege domestic abuse and victimize there American citizen spouse. These same Cultural Marxist are the very same groups behind the completely UN-American  “Affirmative Consent” policies that the Obama administration recently imposed on US Universities. What the feminist never imagined in 1994 is that  in time large numbers of American women would become victims of this law and the fraud and scams it encourages.
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PRLogJune 29, 2015FREDERICK, Md.Many American nationals are being deceived by foreigners whose only agenda is to gain citizenship into the United States. These criminals scam the blissfully unaware into marriage, deviously planning to accuse them of domestic violence as soon as the words “I do” are spoken. Some may think this form of immigration marriage fraud is an impossible scenario in a land that enacts notorious laws to protect its people against foreign intrusion, such as the controversial Patriot Act. Nevertheless, a loophole in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) lets any spouse of a US citizen or permanent resident file a claim of domestic abuse without the knowledge of the accused, which in turn gives them the ability to sponsor themselves to gain permanent residency. Michael Parrotte of the Victims of Immigration Fraud Organization and his team are committed to educating the public about this piece of pernicious feminist legislation that so many foreigners are exploiting.

These domestic violence charges, which can go unknown for months or years, can be filed through a document called Form I-360. If these allegations are made at an institution unrelated to the criminal justice system, such as a women’s shelter or a church, they will not be investigated; rather, they are sent to the Vermont Service Center, the only jurisdiction of the USCIS that handles VAWA claims. For Senator Patrick Leahy The Vermont Service center represents Pork Barrel politics at its worst.  Considering every single case pertaining to this dilemma is processed in this one Kangaroo Court system, the Vermont Service Center just expedites the citizenship application of the “harmed” without ever meeting them in person.

Sickeningly, this is not where the horror stops for the American citizen that has been falsely accused. As if having experienced the emotional toll brought on by losing their perceived one true love was not enough, the detrimental effects of this crime continue. Claims against the “abuser” can result in: thousands of dollars spent in attempt of defending themselves, loss of their job, loss of benefits and savings, and, oftentimes, their child. Furthermore, since the “battered” spouse may be eligible for welfare benefits, the accused can be ordered to pay these aids due to the Affidavit of Support under Section 213A of the I-864 Act.

To put all of this into perspective, there are close to a million false domestic abuse accusations each year in the US, and it is estimated that tens of thousands of these are done against US citizens and permanent residents by their non-citizen spouses in order to gain access to the United States. This immigration marriage fraud does not only cost the accused their hard earned money, but the general taxpayer as well! The “abused” is legally allowed a plethora of free services, such as representation by a lawyer, testimonies by expert witnesses, and other amenities to support their falsified case. Most significantly, the mental cruelty and the individual experiences of the accused can stay with them and their families for years, if not for the rest of their lives. “Until death do us part!” is really “As soon as I get my Green card I am gone”

“This form of immigration marriage fraud is a major concern not only for the person who got deceived, but for the American society as a whole. It is a light of injustice and unfairness shining on the country best known for the individual freedom and liberty of its citizens, not to mention the threat to national security of our great nation. “The safety of our nation begins at its borders but it does not end there. It is therefore essential that not only must our borders be secured, but that our immigration bureaucracy honor those who abide by the laws and seeks to weed out those who would commit fraud and those who would assist them.”
– Michael Cutler, former Senior Special Agent at the INS
  1. An individual will be charged with marriage fraud if they entered into a marriage for the purpose of evading U.S. immigration law. This felony offense carries a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000, and applies to both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens who perpetrate this crime.

Michael Parrotte (http://www.parrotte.net/): Our goals at Victims of Immigration Fraud are simple, yet challenging. We want to give guidance to those men and women that have been victimized by deceptive foreign spouses, a broken immigration system, and an unfair judicial system. We also hope to prevent other American men and women from having to experience these injustices. We seek to redress the wrongdoings that have been produced by unfair application of VAWA laws and the injustices of the judicial system. We can be reached via our website www.voif.org, and via email: voif.advocacy@outlook.com.

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White Feminism Nearing Endpoint
white feminist nearing endpoint
white feminist nearing endpoint                                                                                                                                    White Feminism Nearing Endpoint                                                  by W.F. PRICE on JANUARY 15, 2014

I have learned so much about the development of feminism at this point that the big picture is coming into sharper focus even as I’m starting to turn my attention to other matters.

For example, I can say with certainty that modern feminism as a mass movement (as opposed to a fringe of disaffected misfits) was born the day that women were included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which put all women – even white ones – in the same “disadvantaged” category as minorities. This was the work of a segregationist white, Southern senator who was obviously trying to dilute the impact of affirmative action.

The Civil Rights Act thereby gave companies and feminist activists a financial incentive to promote women of any race. Incentives matter, and quite a lot. Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem just hopped on the bandwagon — they were merely hucksters who made little – if any – difference.

Now, we are getting to the point where white women are no longer seen as deserving beneficiaries of affirmative action.

In Seattle, of all places, white women’s disadvantaged status has been called into question in a major construction project:

A group of white women is threatening to sue if the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) removes them from a program that helps women and minority-owned businesses get work on highway projects.

WSDOT hired a consultant to conduct a disparity study last year to determine if women and specific minority groups are continuing to experience discrimination when it comes to being awarded contracts on public works projects.

Colorado-based BBC Research and Consulting issued a 678-page report last May that found firms owned by white women are winning enough jobs and don’t need the extra help afforded them in the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program. Federal rules give DBEs a leg up on winning contracts on highway projects, as general contractors must hire disadvantaged firms to perform a set percentage of a project.

Many white women who own DBE-certified firms are opposed to the change. A newly formed group, Women in Highway Construction, is threatening a lawsuit, arguing that discrimination is alive and well in Washington state.

“Oh my gosh yes. They (men in the industry) don’t want to talk to you, they don’t want to deal with you, they’re very uncomfortable dealing with you,” said Colleen Hallett, who owns Mobile Electrical Distributors in Seattle. “I have salesmen come in here and bypass me and go straight to my male employees even though I’m the boss.”

The disparity study found that other minority groups continue to suffer “substantial disparities,” including businesses owned by African American, Asian-Pacific Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and South Asians.

“While the other firms (minority groups) got little to no work, white women-owned firms continued to get work for that time (considered in the study). That was good for that group, but the other firms didn’t get much work,” said Brenda Nnambi, WSDOT’s Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Based on the results of the study, WSDOT is seeking a waiver from the U.S. Department of Transportation to remove white women-owned firms from being counted toward project DBE goals. The waiver is being sought after white women have been included in the program for 31 years.

“The study revealed that Caucasian women-owned firms actually received more contract dollars than expected,” wrote WSDOT Assistant Communications Director Kris Rietmann in a December 16 press release. “Lacking evidence of discrimination against Caucasian women-owned business in the local marketplace, WSDOT cannot include them in contract-specific DBE goals.”

This inclusion of women-owned firms under affirmative action has been a great boon to a number of white men who happen to have good wives. Just keep the company in your wife’s name, and it qualifies as a “disadvantaged” business. Affirmative action for white women has not done much for singlemoms, but it’s made a lot of rich white folks’ lives easier (their daughters could take advantage of affirmative action), and it has raised some others into the middle class or above. Those who can keep their marriages together despite having working wives have probably fared best. Overall, due to the negative effects on family formation, it’s probably a wash, but possibly somewhat better for whites than if they were entirely denied affirmative action.

But now the jig is up. It had to end eventually. This grand coalition has too many takers today, and something must give. Apparently, that will be white women’s privileges under affirmative action.

White women are not taking this graciously:

“This is a war on white women, and we’re not going to take it sitting down,” said Mary Guthmiller, who owns DBE Electric. “It’s going to cost the state of Washington a lot more grief and trouble to fight an injunctive action which we are willing to take if necessary to protect our right to be able to exist as businesses and participate in the program that we fought hard alongside our other minority businesses to even have any little bit of this construction dollar.”

At a public meeting Thursday in Shoreline, women told WSDOT officials the study which showed white women are not discriminated against is flawed. They cited several examples including that not enough women were interviewed for the report. Many also complained that the study counted inflated contract dollar amounts won by white women-owned businesses. The consultant counted the contract amounts promised to white women, not what was actually paid.

I’m afraid the white women are going to lose this battle. Today, white women are outnumbered by nonwhites in the Democrat coalition, and the numbers count. I’ve predicted for years now that ethnic concerns would eventually trump sexual politics, but I think a lot of people will be surprised by how quickly white women abandon feminism when it no longer provides them with any material benefits. This hasn’t quite come to pass yet, but the writing is on the wall.