review of AGV Sport Laguna Race Suit

Track riding is an athletic endeavor. We crawl all over our machines as we do a lap, punishing muscles and gushing sweat. We expect our leathers to be protective, accepting that there will be certain compromises to our mobility and comfort as a result. Now imagine your dream leather suit. You’d be protected, absolutely comfortable, completely unhindered in your movement around the bike and you’d look like a million bucks in the bargain. Do such leathers even exist? Well, now they do.

We tested this suit during an unseasonably hot trackday at Gingerman Raceway in Michigan. After our first session in the new AGV Sport Laguna 1-piece leather suit, we were spouting words like, “Ergonomics! Design! User friendliness!” In use, the Laguna feels as if it had been created by a serious racetrack rider who’d decided once and for all to fix what he didn’t like about wearing leathers. The suit worked so well that we immediately took it back off so that we could study the garment more closely in an attempt to determine its secrets. The Laguna provides a very different experience from suits we’ve tried in the past and we wanted to know how this had been accomplished.

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